Raise Panel Cope and Stile Frame

Trying to put a rail profile on the end of a stile that has the tenon on both edges of the stile. This may be a better explanation. I have a cabinet door frame that has copy and tenon joints. The frame has two stiles and I want to put in a 3rd. stile between the two stiles. How do I put the rail profile on the end of stile and still have the rail profile on both sides of the rail ? Thank you.

Is your profile correct in indicating you are using SketchUp 2017 Make? If so, with native tools you can copy the geometry of the eddge profile of the stile and paste it inside the rail component. Use Intersect Faces and then erase the waste. A faster method would be to use the Bool Tools 2 extension and use the stile to trim the rail components.
Intersect Faces:

Bool Tools 2

Thank you for your reply. I think were on a different page. If you picture a cabinet door frame with decorative edge around the inside edge of both the stile and rail and you want to put a 3rd rail in the center of the frame. The 3rd. stile also has the decorative edge on both front sides. My question is how do you put a coping profile on the ends of the 3rd. stile to match the decorative edge. I hope this makes more sense. Thank you.

It would be the same process for an intermediate rail or stile.

I used keyboard short cuts this time but exactly the same process as in my first gif.

And again with Trim from Bool Tools 2

That is what I am trying to do. I guess I am just to new to Sketchup to under stand what your doing from the drawings.