How do I heal this miter on cabinet door frame?

I’m trying to make my stiles and rails for a cabinet door. I’m drawing the profile from a Freud 97-158 3-piece bit set. When I push the face out, I cannot get it completely gone. The picture shows my problem.


Thank you for your help.

Think about how you would make that in the shop. You’d run the cutter off the end. At the point you’re at now, Hit Ctrl with Push/Pull and run the round over profile off the end a ways. Then select all of the geometry and use Intersect Faces>With Selection followed by deleting the waste.

If I were drawing that, though, I would do the profile along the length of the rail before coping the ends.

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Thanks for the tip Dave. It worked as you said. I will study your preferred method and try it next time.

The upright in your image has all reversed faces - showing blue.

Worth fixing by selecting all while editing the component, then Reverse Faces, followed if necessary by selecting one face which is the right way round, then R-click/Orient faces.

And unless you are going to zoom in VERY close, you can simplify your model by using far fewer segments in your arcs - looks as if you have kept the default of 12 per arc, and not yet smoothed the top rail.

You won’t see the difference if you use as few as 8 or even 4 segments for a quarter circle arc if you smooth the edges, and turn off ‘View Hidden Geometry’. And you will drastically reduced the number of edges in your model, as well as reducing the file size.

The blue is a color I dropped on the stile to help see the two pieces.

Your right, I have not revised the default for segments in the arc. I will make that adjustment.

One thing I’m still working on. I want to make these a component that I can recall later.

The stile is easy enough to push/pull to make different lengths and widths.

The rail, has many faces on the end and I don’t know the best way to change the length for different door sizes.

Open it for editing, window select left to right round the end shape, and Move the whole end, holding an inference: for example on a axis, or a long edge in the component.

Window select only selects edges (or other things) wholly within the window you draw with your mouse while using the Select tool…

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