Items rotated that should be flat

I am drawing similar to a picture frame, I have the four sides, each side is a separate
item. The problem that I have is the the inside edges of each item is raised up. Think each side of the photo frame separate and raised up in the middle. Each is tilted about 30 degrees higher in the center them the outside.

I am at a loss to fix this so that I can continue. Any help including tutorials would be much appreciated.

.House number frame.skp (27.6 KB)

Well, they aren’t separate parts because it’s all raw geometry. You should make components of the long and short side then copy and flip them. Are they shaped as you want them? Do you want the angled surfaces as you’ve got them now?

See if this helps. Or maybe I didn’t understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

From left to right.

Draw a rectangle to the desired dimensions for the frame. This will be a path for Follow Me. Draw the profile of the molding for your frame and locate it over the path.
Select the path rectangle (blue in the screen shot), get Follow Me and click on the profile.
Delete the path rectangle as it is no longer needed. Orbit to look straight down on the frame and use the Select tool to drag a left to right selection box around the left side pf the frame. Hit G to create a component. Make sure Replace selection with component is checked. Repeat for the near long side. Select and delete the rest of the frame.
Use Move/Copy to make a copy of each component and use Flip Along to create mirrored copies of the originals. Move them into place and you have your frame in four separate parts.

Here’s the SketchUp file.
House number frame.skp (33.4 KB)

Whoops Dave, you uploaded the image twice!

Oops! Fixt. 10Q. :smiley: :smiley:

Y’r welcm.

I wonder whether we have the OP’s issue right, though, as the topic title says “rotated that should be flat”, and immediately after writing about the objects being tilted, says “I am at a loss to fix this”. To me this suggests that the problem isn’t creating miters, it is getting the rotated parts back flat on the x,y plane. @miamited, please clarify so we can be sure to give you the right advice.

I agree. After I did all that I wondered. But I also wonder what was done to make the geometry as it is.

Maybe another newbie eyeball on it might suggest… I grouped one piece and moved copied up and in looking at it. I am guesting the outside faces are supposed to be mitered AND beveled. While the backsides where supposed to be left flat. They did mention a picture frame…but an odd shaped one… That’s my guest any who…

The thought plickens!

Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I want them flat on the x and y axis, not higher on the inside then the outside.

What I did was make a rectangle of the outside dimensions, then one of the inside dimensions. Then deleted the inside. Then added the four corner diagonals (miters). I don’t know what I did to it to turn each side about 30 degrees.

Ah! I see.

If there’s to be no profile, try this:

  1. Draw a rectangle the length and width of the long piece of molding.
  2. Get the Move tool and click on what will be an inside corner of the miter and move it in. If the molding is 2 in. wide, move the corner 2" to get a 45° miter.
  3. Use Push/Pull to give the molding thickness. Make it a component.
  4. Repeat to create the short molding. Draw it in place at the end of the long piece.
  5. Now copy the long one to the other side of the frame. Use Flip Along to make a mirrored copy of the first. Do not rotate it end for end.
  6. Repeat the copy and flip operations for the other side.

Some other methods are shown here.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

Thank you again. That did it.

Here is what I ended up with. A little rough, but it will work for me in the shop.
House number frame.skp (110.8 KB)

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As long as it gets the job done, that’s good. No need to spend more time on it. If you do decide you want to improve it, drop me a note and I’ll help you out.