Having Trouble Drawing a cope cut


I am trying to crate styles and rails showing the profile and cope cuts. I can make each cut design without and difficulty, but when trying to combine them I can’t.

I attached a sketchup file that will hopefully show better what is happening.

Thanks in advance,


cope profile cut problem.skp (19.4 KB)


How about if I show you “live”? I could do that in about an hour and a half.


Get Push/Pull. hit Option. Push the face I show selected out beyond the grooved edge.

Select all of the geometry, right click, choose Intersect Faces>With Selected. Then erase the unneeded edges.


Thank you DaveR !!

As i am a total newbie to Sketchup it took me a few times trying to accomplish the task, but I got it done.

Thanks again I really appreciated the help.