Help: why is edge not showing?

Hi guys. I recon myself as a pretty advanced user, but I can’t seem to get my head around this issue.

See picture. Why is the left part of the ship showing the edge, but the bottom of the ship not? Seems it has to do with the roundness of the faces. Any idea how I can fix this?

Often the reason is that the faces in the lower part are smoothed, and in the upper part the edges are hidden but the faces are not smoothed. When you try selecting the surfaces, the smoothed area behaves like a single face while the unsmoothed bits sekect separately. Without seeing the actual model this is my guess.

These edges are probably smoothed.

Try View Menu → View Hidden Geometry.

Or, attach your skp file to a post.

You could probably use the eraser to smooth or hide lines, you also have a lot of wrong facing normals.

Are these profiles?

Capture d’écran 2023-04-16 à 15.33.45
personally, this raises my eyebrows. Sure, part of the ship’s line could be hidden, but this ? the bottom of a simple cylindre ?

do you, by any chance, have a “ground” active (I know, it should be more of a sea). By that I mean a plane that represent the level 0 ? either a physical one you added, or one in the style panel ?

Because here, in this case, it would explain why the profiles stops appearing, simply because technically, if your model is partly below this ground, it’s not “cut” by it, therefore no lines or profiles are actually created.


Yes, there was a ground active, you saw that correctly. Wasn’t the reason the bottom of the ship was not showing though.

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Thanks guys, I unsmoothed some of the edges with the eraser. The topic can be closed. :+1:

It would help us help you if you’d share the .skp file.