Intersecting a face problems


I know how to use intersecting with model to cut through faces however I have this problem in one of my models where it wont intersect no matter what I try. I’ve tried freddo visuhole and it doesn’t work either.


The image doesn’t help us work out the problem very well.
Can you attached the model, or at least the pieces you want to intersect.


Copy/Paste the offending items into a new drawing, and post the skp so others can see what’s happening…

@Box, beat me to it…


In the original image i want to intersect the cylinder with the profile, this works if i copy the two into a different model (as shown in second image) but wont in my main model.


So if the new model works as expected and the original doesn’t, attach the original. (See previous requests for the file by @Box and @john_drivenupthewall.)


To an experienced modeler, there is no definitive evidence in the second image that the profile has been cut.

Lines of intersection form within the modeling context in which the intersect command is executed.
Thus, if you wish to cut the faces of the corrugated profile you need to execute the intersect command while within their editing context.

• Select the raw geometry of the cylinder > Edit > Cut
• Then edit the group which holds the geometry of the corrugated profile.
Be certain you’re in the modeling context of the faces you wish to cut.
That is, you should be able to select an individual edge or face of the profile.

• Now … Edit > Paste in Place
• Then … Right context click on the still selected cylinder geometry > Intersect Faces > With Context


I have managed to fix the problem, i think it was down to the complexity of my model that the cylinder was intersecting with the wrong things. I moved the profile into an empty workspace and redid the intersect and this time it worked.


Again, @w_g_hall98

Lines of intersection only form within the modeling context in which the intersect command is executed.
Said another way…
To cut faces with lines of intersection; first you must be able to select the faces.

Intersect Faces provides three options to control what interacts/intersects with what.
• With Model
• With Context
• With Selection

In a complex model comprised of many groups, intersecting With Model or With Selection has the potential to create mass amounts of stray/unwanted geometry.

However, notice Intersect Faces > With Context is only available while editing a group.
Intersect Faces > With Context thereby limits the geometry that may interact/intersect to that within the group.