How do I change the length of rails for cabinet doors

I’m a newbie. By watching YouTube, I was able to sketch out some cabinets and cabinet doors. For the doors, I’m using a rail-and-stile design with a flat inner panel. I have a few different sizes of cabinets. They are all the same height, so I don’t need to adjust the stiles. I’m trying to adjust the rails. I saw a video in which Dave R (who seems to be a frequent contributor on this site) shows how to drag from left to right to select just the end of a component with a tenon and then use the push/pull tool to change the length of a runner ( This is exactly what I need to do for the rails. However, I can’t get it to work as shown in his video. I’m able to select only the end of the component, but when I activate the push/pull tool, the shaded/selected end becomes unselected, so I can’t pull it out to lengthen the rail.

Here is what I see when I’ve selected the end of the rail:

But, as I mentioned, when I activate the push/pull tool, it is no longer selected as shown. What am I doing wrong?

Not the pushpull tool, use the Move tool.

Uh, yep. That, of course, did it. I knew it was something simple…yet so difficult for a rookie like me. Thank you SO much for the quick reply. I sincerely appreciate it.

Another quick question. You’ll see I pulled the rail out of the door configuration because I couldn’t see the end of the rail otherwise. Is there a way to see through the stile so I can perform this size change without having to move the rail out of it’s position first?

Go View/Face style/xray

Thanks. I’m using the free online version, so I’ll have to figure out if I have that option.

Sorry I don’t think there is xray in the web version, but you can use a Section Plane to look through things.

Yes, that worked also. Thanks for the help. I’m starting to really like Sketchup. At first I was ready to throw the computer out the window, but now that the “language” of it is starting to get familiar, I’m beginning to enjoy it.

@clewis3838, there is: Styles tab > Default Styles > X-ray.

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As an alternative to using Xray or a section cut, I sometimes move a copy of the component out away from the rest of the model a bit and work on that copy. By pulling it out on axis, the rest of the model can still be used for inferencing. Once finished editing the component, the copy can be deleted.

And as you get more familiar with SketchUp, you’ll get so you can do a lot of things without seeing the geometry. For example You really don’t need to see the entire end of the rail to be able to select the the tenon and its shoulders. a Simple left to right selection window dragged around the left third or so of the rail will select the edges and faces at the end and nothing more.

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