Lengthening a vertical 6"x 6" post

One day old newbie trying to get the hang of this. Designing a gable roof pole barn 36’ x 24’ with 6"x 6" posts on a 12’ x 12’ grid (approx.). Started with 1st post @ outside corner, made it a component and placed them on the grid pattern. Now I need to stretch the gable wall and interior posts to the roof. I"ll probably kick myself when I learn the steps. Appreciate the help.

Open the component for editing by double clicking on it with Select. Then get Push/Pull and pull the post up by the required distance. If you copied the same component to make all of the posts but now only want to modify a select few and leave the others alone, select the ones that need to be modified, right click on one and choose Make Unique. Then proceed to edit them.

I replied earlier from a different e-mail address and it was bumped back to me - so here goes one more time. The steps you described I am familiar with - that’s how I designed the original post. I then distributed them on the grid pattern and went back to the two interior rows making tone in each row unique. Then went through the same steps used in designing the original post in order to stretch them to the roof - that was a no go. I tried zooming in on the top surface of the unique post (the end grain) thinking the push/pull needed more area to identify the surface being pulled - no go.

Without seeing your model or watching you do it the most likely guess is that you haven’t opened the component for editing.
Double click it with the select tool, or right click it with the Pushpull tool and choose Edit Component.

I have opened the component for editing but after clicking on the push/pull icon it appears with a red error circle next to it and will not function.

Can you attach your model.
Use the download option from the top left menu to get it to your computer, then drag and drop the file into the reply window.

downloaded the file but it doesn’t open in my computer - doesn’t recognize .skp

Understand, you’re dealing with a 70-something senior that’s not real computer savvy.

So now you have the .skp add it to the message window.
You can open a new reply and drag the file into it. or use the 8th button from the left along the top to upload it.
This way we can look at it and tell you exactly what your issue is.

I copied the file but it won’t paste into the reply box. I’m not on Twitter.

You lost me - You’re example is displayed as what looks like the left half of your screen only. I’m just going to start from scratch on the design.

One the assumption that you meant “one” (not “tone”) in the below:

If this is the case, than part of you problem is that you only had 1 of the posts selected when you made it unique. What you need to do is to select ALL of the posts in a single row, then while they are all selected, right click on one of them and “make unique”. This makes them distinct from the unselected posts, but makes them distinct with a single component definition, so ALL the selected posts have the same definition.

THEN, double click on ONE of the posts in the row to enter edit mode, do your push/pull - and ALL of the posts in the row will be affected.

Any chance you have it grouped inside the component? If so you have to double click to open the component, and then double click again to open the group. Then you should be able to push pull the surface. It all comes down to accessing the geometry itself.

Restating @monospaced’s point, push-pull works on a single selected face. Try to select the face you want to extrude. If you can’t select the face using the Select Tool, you don’t have the face’s container open for edit.

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