Outdated signature

Hi folks, I have downloaded, and hope to use “Curviloft”, but I get an error message, “Outdated signature”, can someone pleas explain what this means, and how can I go about using this seemly neat plugin,?, thank you

First, the outdated signature has no bearing on the functionality of the extension. Curvilinear works just fine. As long as you have it loaded, don’t worry about the signature.

Make sure you are getting the latest version of it and that you’ve installed LibFredo6, too.

Hi Dave, thank you for your immediate reply! speaking of LibFredo6, can use please explain, what it is, and why do I need it, also, do I get it at the same place is Curvilinear? Best, Craig

Libfredo6 is a set of support files that Fredo uses in a number of his extensions. Instead of packing them in each extension’s file package, he made a separate package for them.

As for getting it and Curviloft, the best resource is the Sketchucation Extension Store.

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