Direct link to LibFred06 version 6.9?

Can somebody link me to the direct link for LibFred06 version 6.9 , because I tried looking on website, but was unable to look for that so I can be able to use Curviloft. Does that version works on SKUP 16?

Use the current version of LibFredo6 which is 7.6a and the current version of Curviloft.

Okay. Link me the 7.6a still trying to find that version on that curviloft site.

I gave you the link to that version in my previous post as well as the link to the current version of Curviloft.

Correct, but as I said I’m trying to find it on the link you gave me.

Maybe you need to join Sketchucation.

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I’m not getting that. No wonder. It shows something else.

I got a account on there, but I’ll look for it in the Plugins section.

What link did you click on? I gave you two links.

When you said “Then create ‘skin’ from that contours with Curviloft4 plugin” I clicked that one and it bought me to this.

I can’t see anywhere in this thread where I wrote that.

Go back to my first post in this thread and click on the Libfredo6 hyperlink.


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