Original Cost of SkUP with @Last?

I began with SkUP in Sept. 2000 but don’t recall the price then for single seat lic.
Anyone else recall what the first version cost?

thanks if anyone has time to post?


I think the original price was $400.00 US during the @Last days. I no longer have access to the receipt for my initial SU purchase so I’m relying on memory here…it may have been offered at an even lower price at some point.

I’m curious as to why you’d want to know this.

Thanks jvleerarchitects, I thought it was much lower- 85-100$, (think the original Lic.# was 0045 or something) and was having a discussion with couple others who started back then, we all recall different figures and nobody was right! Old people’s recall- not that reliable, I appreciate your reply.


SU4 was 500 USD.

to be exact: U$ 495.- net

It was the same for SU 3 too.