Hey Trimble (or others), Persuade Me to Subscribe

(and no, I don’'t want a rehash of all the tired arguments on other threads! - yes you Trampy, Beamer)

My dilemma…

I have a few days to take up my reseller’s 2 year subscription discount.

But since SU 2021 everything seems just right for what I need SU / LO to do (sure things could be better), but Curic’s extensions make modeling so much easier and a joy. With my AHK scripts even Layout, despite it’s lack productivity features, is OK.

There are no significant bugs that plague me.

I can’t see any significant new features for Layout coming any time soon, so should I take up the discount offer…?

Give yourself two years of reflection :slight_smile:


Would you be renewing the old maintenance & support if it still existed? That’s about what the discount comes to for the first 2 years of subscription. And with the 2021 file format being such that SU/Layout 2021 would be able to read the 2021 data from 2022 and 2023 files, you’d be able to drop your subscription and start using 2021 again if you don’t think it’s worth it.

That’s what I’m going to do in a couple of months.


…most likely yes.
( But of course with the previous licensing we kept the latest version :frowning_face: )

I have see it as a business cost like it always was

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But you keep 2021. According what has been said here, our old classic 2021 is a separate product from subscription SU/Layout. We keep it and can start it back up if we stop w/ the subscription.

My apologies if I have offended thee!

I think, after reading @colin 's posts about it, that the discount is in force longer than the expiration date of your previous maintenance & support policy. I am in the same boat, just weeks before my M&S expires.

If you do the 2 year migration, you don’t don’t lose access to your current perpetual license, so if you choose not to carry on with a sub after, you have still for your current license- albeit unsupported and unmaintained

An ‘insurance policy’ perhaps…?

No offence actually Bill…

Ok, thanks … (I’ll try to tone it down a notch!)
Peace Brother!

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Adam, colin and others have been a bit more responsive to requests to fix layout so I’m still hoping for more improvements there next year.

Productivity wise, if SKP is part of your core professional software then why not keep it up to date?

If you are a hobbyist, the choice is harder.

Point taken!
I’ll be upgrading when I can get some down time between projects, and hopefully combine that move with a new MI based iMac, hopefully due out later this year!