Orgelf's works

“sacrificial knife” from an AI image (NMKD Stable diffusion). Sketchup model reworked on Zbrush. Blender rendering. Very interesting to do but I would have to move away more from the generated model for me to really consider it as a personal work.

Larger on this link


“The inspiration” Wings from a 3d scan then reworked in Zbrush, Makehuman rc1 custom reworked in Blender, halo by Sketchup, Blender rendering.

Bigger size on these links


May I ask, why do you use SkechUp for some parts, when others are modelled with ZBrush and possibly Blender…or Blender is only used for Render???

Would it not be easier to use 1 software?

Hi _kimga , actually I try to use the best of what these softwares do, and sketchup is extremely good for some stuff. I think for these stuff, sketchup makes me work easier and faster.

Today I post a 3d work I made from one of my last illustrations (Procreate / Ipad)

Made with sketchup (the street , building etc), Blender for Grosoizo the big bird and the curtains. The plants are downloaded models.

Bigger size here