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@AK-SAM Thank you very much for your comment ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, VR would be really great for my architectural models and will be really better that static renders. I can’t wait to be able to do that.

For Gaudi and Bosch…well …they are actually my two masters… and I have the garden of delights in front of me when I work my stuff.

@ _kimga I am not sure to understand but thanks ! :grin: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s how VR looked like in those days:


Very interesting, I learnt something. Thanks for posting this.I could be cool to do this in 3d with personal drawings. I keep the idea.

My last one , an alienish radio.

Model in Sketchup, render Blender.

Bigger sizes here


Amazing… We just have to wait for the Metaverse version 3.0 or something.

“Orgelf’s World …the trippiest place in the universe.”

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Some models look so complex, it’s hard to imagine that all of it was modeled in SketchUp. Could you tell me some details of your process, please?

I am working with a concept artist, who uses Blender (for modeling) and he says he can’t work with SketchUp files. At least he can not convert them into a format that he can then edit…I understand principal behind this thinking - poly to mesh, but how is it working for you?

Are you exclusively just rendering (and texture in Blender?) And perhaps make the environment in some cases???

Thank you for the inspirational crazy stuff…

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Your creations did remind me of Boch and the underworld. Very original I hope you don’t mind me using the word " bonkers", I meant it in a good way…

Very inspiring.

I am debating if to learn Blender. I would like to know how it works with SketchUp and the level of compatibility possibilities. But before investing time into one software I am looking around to see what would fit my need and where to develop it…So it’s nice to see your work and I am intrigued to read more about your workflow…

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@AK_SAM yep…it would be very cool if I could put all my stuff on the metaverse… :crazy_face: :heart_eyes:

@_kimga I work with Sketchup pro 2020. This software allows really complex modelisations, most of the time, people don’t realize it.
The most important is to well organise the hierarchy of your project via groups and components, that’s the key.

I always begin a 3d project with writing on a notebook what I want to do. I always do a docsheet too .

For example, for the radio , I did research on the net (for this part of the project I highly recommand to use Pinterest) and made this picture.


I use these pluggins in Sketchup

extrusion tools
fredo6 fredo scale
fredo6 joint push pull
round corner
tools on surface
mirror selection
arc center point finder

When my mesh is done, i put colors on the faces as materials.
I export as .obj. In the options, I only check “export only selection” and “scale Y up”

In Blender , I use these colors to separate the mesh in different shaders.

Blender is the only “classic” software that I know. I never worked with 3ds maya, houdini etc . Only with Blender, Sketchup and Zbrush. Even if the sculpt is really good with Zbrush or Blender, I personally prefer Nomad on Ipad.

Years ago, I did my renders with the matcaps of Zbrush mixed in Photoshop but now I really prefer the nodal method in Cycles (Blender). It’s a lot to learn and to work but it worth it. sometimes, I render passes (beauty render, ambiant occlusion, id mask) that I mix in Photoshop.
The only advice I would give you for your render is to use HDRI.

For the word “bonkers” I found on internet it was an animation that’s why I didn’t understand but I did another research today and I saw that it means “crazy” . I accept it with pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :grin:



Thank you for the insights.

Very impressive.

I use similar extensions, plugins : SubD, Vertex Tool in place of Artisan(I would like to use more subdivision modeling in practice - I only follow tutorials for now.) Curviloft, many tools from Freddo6…

Fir sone reason non of the centerpoint finder extensions seem to work with Pro 22…(neither Tig’s , neither Chris F’s). I just updated to 22, SketchUp pro 2028 was a very stable software …before that SketchUp Google used to crash down a lot…

Tried ZBrush Mini, I will have at Nomad, although I use PC…

I am more into architecture/product design/set design/prop concept than sculpting, but sometimes they overlap.

Also, perhaps in my case a less one directional workflow would be more efficient (like Twinmotion with DataSmith).

I like that Blender is starting to use A.I. to suggest things and it’s got something similar to Grasshopper for parametric design (or to make work more efficient by not have to redo everything…

AI is a true revolution , I don’t how far it will go, but beyond the horizon that’s for sure.

The most important is to find your tools. 3d needs a lot of time to master , don’t go in a direction if you don’t need it.

My last project

Concept of cane.

Nomad (Ipad) for the crow. Sketchup pro 2020 for the rest. Render Blender.

Bigger size here


Two extraterrestrial entities (which form only one) appear before the cosmic court in the corpse of an Earth diplomat (with his agreement, long story…).

The different jewels, plates, braids etc. were modeled with Sketchup. The head was made with Nomad (Ipad) and the two aliens with Blender and Zbrush. Blender rendering. Blender clothes. The head of the base comes a pluggin of Blender.

Larger images on this link lesdiplomate

May the Earth always be a jewel.


“Grafmu the Necro Skeleton Gorilla Unicorn”
made from an downloaded and modified gorilla skeleton (pose). The skull was sculpted in Nomad (Ipad) and the cane is a work done last week with Nomad (Ipad) and Sketchup. Blender rendering.

bigger size on these links


Concept of lightsaber PB (permanent blade) for a troglodyte civilisation. Something simple and effective. The scabbard can be used as a mace.

Base mesh made in sketchup then modified in Blender and Zbrush. Render Blender.

Larger on this link