Order Processing time

Is there currently a problem processing orders? I ordered pro last Thursday, webpage said to allow up to 48 hours for processing but I still haven’t received any confirmation or license in my account. Submitted a support request yesterday morning, still no response there. Any ideas what I should do?

You won’t get an e-mail with license information. Go to TrimbleConnect.com and sign in with the same e-mail and password you used when you purchased SketchUp. You should see your account there. You should also be able to sign in to SketchUp with that e-mail address and password, too.

I haven’t received any confirmation email or thanks for giving us money email or anything. When I log in there or in sketchup it only shows trial products, no pro subscriptions. The only evidence of my purchase I can find is that my debit card info is saved as a payment method in my account page.

Big brother is watching… Just received confirmation email, invoices and license assignment email. Gracias!


you can always buy (for the same price) by a local reseller speaking your tongue also available at phone and located in your time zone too.

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