Orbit Tool and Mouse Wheel

I am only an occasional Sketchp user but I make detailed drawings for my woodworking furniture projects. In prior versions of Sketchup, I was able to simply hold down the mouse wheel to orbit my model. I have installed Sketchup 2023 and find this technique doesn’t work. I am using a Basilisk Ultimate Mouse. Is there a workaround so the orbit tool will work with the mouse wheel?

There hasn’t been a change in the way the Orbit tool is activated by the center mouse button in SketchUp 2023. Check to see that the drivers for the mouse are up to date and that the center mouse button is assigned correctly as Middle Button.

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well, not exactly, remember all the people with sidescroll problems this spring ?

From what we understand Taw, by changing framework to QT, the dev team added the possibility of sidescroll on mice that allow it, making is very annoying to hold the wheel click.

basically, if you wheelclick and slightly move on the side, and your mouse has a sidescroll, it will use it and zoom in or out.

Two solutions were found, either your mouse has an app where you can program buttons and things, or through the use of a third party app to turn off sidescroll (or assign it to scroll click)

This thread covers it all, with the various solutions from the users. it’ll depend on your mouse basically.

depends on the sensibility of the infamous sidepush. some were sturdy, other immediately left the orbit.

OP has a Razer mouse, Razer has a software.

Taw, you should try what Alex did in this link, see if you have an option for side-pushing the sheel, and if so, see if turning it off fixes your orbit.

if it doesn’t, try to temporary assign the wheelclick to another button. To see if it’s the wheelclick that’s KO or if it’s something else.

edit : I mean, Alex had the same exact mouse, and a similar problem, side push on the sheel turned his orbit off.

Turns out the mouse settings of this fancy and over-the-top mouse needed adjusting. Thanks to the input of this great group - problem solved. Thank you!

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But it was on Layout, when it was changed the orbiting for panning on the viewport.

not in the link I shared above. this is different issue with some mice having the option of a side click for the wheel.
the layout thing was not mouse related. the issue in the link is.

like the razer basilisk.

and now Taw can work again