Opening up a File in SU13

Hello. I have SU13
(because I like my toolset and haven’t found the equivalent elsewhere. That said I haven’t looked after 2015. If you have any recommendations on a version of SU with all the plethora of tools that we had in SU13, let me know!)

I would like to save a model to SU13. Any ideas how? I keep on running into a 2017 limit.

I’m not sure if you are aware that maybe the case, if you have a lot of Extensions (plugins) installed in your current version of SU 2013.
I guess most of that still available from Sketchucation Pluginstore or from Extensions Warehouse

The later versions of SketchUp have an ability to save to any earlier versions.

I could not interpret what it this means? You can download the free SketchUp Make 2017 from the above link.

BTW. Your profile a little confusing
License Type: SketchUp Free (web) does not fit to SketchUp Version: SU 13

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[menu] File > Save As (Choose Type)

This is in SketchUp Free (web)? You would have to open it in SketchUp 2017 or later on your desktop machine and then use File>Save as… and choose SketchUp 2013.

As @dezmo indicated, you should be able to get the extensions you are used to and install them in a newer version of SketchUp. Presumably you are using SketchUp as a hobbyist since you’ve been using the free versions. You could still get SketchUp 2017 Make and install your extensions in that version. You’ll be able to go back and forth between SketchUp Free (Web) and SketchUp 2017 Make.

Edit: I just saw your remarks in the Welcome thread. You say you are using SketchUp professionally so you would need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop, not SketchUp Free (web) or SketchUp Make.


Maybe I understand now. The topic opener uses the web version, where it can only be saved to a 2017 file. This is the limit that the installed SU2013 can not be open SU2017 file.

However - if i remember right - there is a possibility in free web version to export to collada and import it to SU2013.


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