For godz sake!

can you oh my god finally implement SAVE IN SKETCHUP 13 to automatic SAVE Option. PLEASE. universe will thank you.

What are you talking about?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Complete your profile.

no matter what im using i have to re save it all the time. or can you resave it to lower version,? can you send it in lower version. i dont have this version. hours of waiting!

It matters what version you are using. In the desktop versions you can save all the way back to version 3.
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Why is saving to this ancient 2013 such a universe saving thing?

If you don’t have 2013 what’s the big deal?

Hours of waiting for what?

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hello, if I understand correctly, you are tired of saving as an older version all the time ?
you might want to have a look at this plugin :

once you saved as legacy and chose a version, you can change ctrl+S shortcut (that is for save by default) to legacy save, and will save automatically in the version your first picked.

But as Dave said, we don’t know what you are using and that will depend on which version you have… desktop, online…

no this is not solution to my problem. in autocad you can DEFAULT set saving ALWAYS in 2000 autocad so NOBODY NEVER bother you with emails “i cant open it can you please resave it” if you using version of these days. I NEVER BOTHER others with emails" i dont have version of sketchup 2050 can you please resave it to lower version" im dying slowly dealing with that. BUT THANK YOU!

Just use Save as… and get on with your life.

i love you for this and i KNOW THIS EXTENSION! but its still extra time to spend sob: :sob: :sob:

its not about me??? its whole sketchup community? cant you see?

I don’t have this problem that you claim everyone has. Before I send a SketchUp model file to someone I find out what version of SketchUp they are using.

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how you do this? why is my profile so important? what do you want to know?

How do I do what?

I asked you in my first post. What version of SketchUp are you using?

ver 2018

did you really change the default ctrl+S shortcut ? I don’t see how it would be time consuming if you did… when you first save, you have to define a file name anyway, so eventually a dialog has to pop up. Same thing here.
It just takes 2 more seconds to pick a version and every other next save will be automatic in that version using ctrl+S.

I see your point when you say it could be part of the software by default. But luckily, sketchup has a great community and generous people who improve it. For that reason i’m not complaining about it (I could be, since I’ve most of the time had a more recent version than people I was working with) but i’m rather thankful.

dear paul thank you very much, but im not talking life attitude, its simple thing, to go to preferences, set DEFAULT save version that you sure EVERYONE has, for example 2013, so you NEVER will have to ask anyone to resave file and you will NEVER be asked to do the same. tons of time saved. but i dont know, maybe its just not possible.

I hear you. But you can’t expect to see any changes made for SketchUp 2018 !
Besides, from what I heard, they are going to do something about it for next versions. From now on, all files created in a newer version than 2021 will be fully compatible with 2021 version, not matter in what version they will be saved !
I Know, it’s probably not going to make you feel better, but at least they are kind of heading your way :slight_smile:

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this is what i want to hear! thank you!