Opening my sketchup

How can I know my serial number and authorization code?

There is no serial number and authorization code. You log in to SketchUp with the e-mail the subscription is assigned to.

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I would also like to ask if I can upgrade my plan?

I think you can. I don’t work for SketchUp so I am not versed in the details. Perhaps @colin could tell about the details when he wakes up, I think it is still night where he is.

You can get this answer form Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help selecting the Answer assistant>>See more questions…


Once you are logged into the Account Management Portal with your Trimble ID, on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a button labeled “Plans” - Click on “Plans".

You should then see another button, this time near the top right, labeled “Edit Plan”. If you click on “Edit Plan”, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your subscription from Go to Pro. Under the SketchUp Pro column, click “Choose Plan” and then Continue. This will bring you to the Storefront page, where you can complete your upgrade.

On the Storefront page, you will see the Proration deduction subtracted from the total amount.

For more information about this process and the Account Management Portal, please see this Help Center article:

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It looks like you successfully upgraded your Go subscription to Pro.

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Yes , after 1 hour I guess I finally installed properly the SketchUP Pro in my desktop.

Please update your forum profile to reflect that. It helps us help you.