Intro and subscription upgrade question

Hi. I’m a woodworker and serial remodeler. I had mainly used it to design euro-style cabinets. After a while of not using Sketchup, I decided I needed it to do the plans for my next kitchen remodel, so I downloaded and bought a subscription.

It appears I may have bought the wrong subscription. I knew something was up when I continued to see that the copy I was using on my Macbook Pro was still under a trial license.

According to my Trimble account, I have Sketchup Go. In looking at this more carefully, it seems like I should have a Sketchup Pro subscription. I can’t seem to find any way to contact Trimble customer service, hoping someone here can help me with my questions:

  1. Confirm that to run it on a laptop I need a Pro not Go subscription
  2. If I upgrade to a pro license, do I get credit for the Go license (which I have no need for)? Or do I have to just pay $299 additional?
  3. Is there a way to contact Trimble customer service?

Many thanks in advance!

You are able to upgrade from Go to Pro without needing to contact Trimble. You would only pay the difference in price.

This link will take you to the right part of the help page, that shows screenshots for how you would edit your plan to change it from Go to Pro:

Thanks, that worked!


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