OpenCutList giving a cross section error

First time using both sketchup and the extension Open Cut List.

Sketchup version is Make 2017 on OS X
OpenCutList version 1.9

I assigned material to each component and when trying to view parts list all the dimensional lumber types show Cross section not available, what does that mean and how can I fix it?

Thank you, attached is file in case that helps :slight_smile:

bench modified.skp (283.8 KB)

In OCL, Click on the material, for each bar material you must add its cross section.!

If the section you use in your drawing is not configured in OCL, there will be an error message

Warning : For a good functioning, it is necessary that the automatic orientation of the parts is checked - it is the default setting -
Otherwise the length of the part is considered on the red axis of the component

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OH crud, so the cross sections I add are supposed to be in actual dimensions, not in nominal like 2x4, but add it as 1.5x3.5 ?

Yes, indicate the exact section.
Dimensional have been designed for trades that work with specific cross sections such as the timber frame or deck boards for example.
In your case it is probably better to use the Solid Wood setting.

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Solid wood? And just enter exact sizes needed?

Yes , choose Solid Wood, and just indicate the availables Thicknesses. Then OCL generate the corresponding cut list part with the exact dimensions necessary for manufacturing