Open Cut List Error - (trim size too large, standard panel too small, saw kerf too large,

Hi, I cannot find a post on this exact issue although some are similar.

I have one component in my model, a single timber baton with dimensions set at 34mm x 34mm x 3700mm. In materials type is dimensional, standard length is 2400mm, standard cross section is 34mm x 34mm.

When I run report in Open Cut List to generate a summary of the weight and cost of the raw materials I get this error:

No placement possible (trim size too large, standard panel too small, saw kerf too large, …).

Hoping someone may have had a similar issue and point me to what I am doing wrong.

Hi @iweb ,

As I can see, you try to cut a part long of 3700mm in a standard length of 2400mm. As the error say, standard size is too small.

2400 is smaller than 3700.

OpenCutList try to cut a standard piece of wood to extract parts. It doesn’t try to glue several standard pieces to create a part :wink:

The standard length defined on the material must be greater than part’s length + trimming.

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Thanks for that, very much appreciated. Totally get it, I need a different supplier or I need to create the correct component size ie. max length 2.4m. Have to say what a superb piece of software engineering you have created with OpenCutList.




Thank you @iweb :blush: