Cutting list for an area which exceeds standard panel size (opencutlist)

Hi, I have a question in opencutlist.
my standard panel size is 2800 x 2070mm.
but i have to create a area of 2980 x 2490mm. which means more than the panel size.
If I create my area as a single component, is there any way to get the cutting list and diagram?
because it’s showing no placement possible. I attached the image here.

How would you join the sheets to make the area? two @ 249x149.1? or at partition placement? Grain?

two @ 249x149.1

seem that OCL does not give this as an option
so only way is divide the sheet in two panels as per real life on the model, probably better as sometimes grain and partitions can be worked in

Hmm, yes this is not possible through OpenCutList. It only considers parts as solid pieces.

You have to manually divid the part in multiple sub components.