Can OpenCutList choose right wood length?


Does somebody know if it’s possible to use the saw diagram of OpenCutList to choose the right wood size.

For example, we have solid beams in stock 45x70mm in lenghts of 2000-3000-4000-5000mm.
I would like OpenCutList to choose what would be most efficient.

Thank you in advance!

it does by default.
My bad, I thought it did, must have been and other extension I tried.
Yeah, you have to manually select a size so it makes the cuts for you. no automated solution yet, unless @boris.beaulant has a way ?

Message below was when I thought it was automated by default

when you set the materials up, you can give its section, 45*70 in your case, and you can give a variety of lengths. 2000-3000-4000-5000mm for you

Then, when it comes to making the cultist, it will select the most efficient way to cut stuff.

say you have two 1234mm and one 4567mm, it’ll tell you to cut the first two in a 3000mm and the other in a 5000mm

here, in french, the interface. see, one section, various lengths

but you’re right, it asks you to choose.

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Thank you for your input… That is exactly my problem :wink:
Maybe someone else with an solution?

I pinged Boris who is the humain behind the cut list, if he says it’s not possible, then you’re it. unless someone has a “hack” or trick to go around it :slight_smile:

but I agree, that would be a nice option, even if OCL needs a few minutes to compute.

Yes, you have to choose the length.
And after decide by yourself of what is the best solution. It’s finally the best way to have YOUR best choice.

Adding this new level of “automated” choice would necessary comes with a long set of new contrains (that you will have to setup) to compare them.
And for sure a long time of computing for not a big benefit.

Here it’s not a pure logical problem with one unique solution. It’s a numerical problem with fuzzy constrains. (bars count, cut count, cost, manipulations, maximum length for transport, time consuming, etc …)
A compute can give you a solution, not YOUR best solution until it knows all of your contrains.

If an other extension/software offer this feature I curious to see ho it treat the problem.

Thank you @boris.beaulant

I was looking for something like this:

This is a different problem because OptiCutter uses a stock (a finit list of input dimensionals)

OpenCutList can to this too !!

Just fill the Offcut Boards field with all the dimensions ans quantity you have in stock.
And you can set the Standard Dimensional field to “None” to use only stock.

Great that looks good.

But for example, see PDF attached.
OpenCutList does not choose the most efficient boards to cut from.
I need boards 1480mm, have length 1800mm in stock, but OpenCutList chooses boards 2000mm.

Or do I anything wrong?
Opencutlist.pdf (232.8 KB)

Yes it doesn’t choose the most efficient. It only fill the list if it can.

A workaround could be run one, see 13 2m bars and then setup only 12 bars of 2m and then see the other length used.

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Presumably the ‘offcut’ sizes are stored in your code in an array or hash ?
So to choose the most economical length why not ‘sort’ that ‘list’ and iterate it from the smallest to the largest size.
Anything smaller than the required size is skipped using ‘next’ - once there’s a match which is equal or bigger than your target size, then you choose that, and the iteration uses a ‘break’ to exit, and now you have the best matching piece ??