Open Cut List Cross Section error


I have a very similar issue to thatryan1 in that I get cross-section errors on my report.

I also have measurements with ~ symbol? Not sure what that means but have added it to the cross section dimension and nothing happens.

Workbench Mitre Saw New.skp (226.5 KB)

The tildes indicate dimensions that are only approximate. Most likely because the actual dimension falls between the precision increments you set.

What exactly is the cross section error? Does it happen inCutList 4.1 as well?

Hi DaveR thanks for the quick response. I have uploaded a screenshot so you can see what I mean.
I am trying to upload the sketchup file but for some reason my is 20Mb and is too big.

You could try purging unused (Model Info>Statiistics) and if it’s still too large try zipping the file or uploading it to Drop Box and share the link.

Thanks DaveR - I have uploaded it now.

As for the tildes in the dimensions, it’s as I wrote before.

I would suggest turning off Length snapping in Model Info>Units. That can’t be helping you. And although you might not want to dimension past the decimal, setting Precision higher will make it possible to see those little errors if you create them.

As for the cross section error in OpenCutList, I can’t really help on that. I don’t use that extension for cut lists and prefer CutList 4.1. It may have something to do with the dimensions of the parts.

Thank you so much for the help - it’s much appreciated :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Hi @trevorscarlett,

This is not realy an error. This message inform you that the readed section 94.0 x 43.6mm is not defined in your material standard sections.
Here it more a drawing mistake. Because if you mesure the part it doesn’t have 44.0mm thickness but 43.6mm.

As @DaveR says, you need to change unit precision to see the true dimension.

Else, if the dimension is correct, just hit the “+” button to and the current section to your material definitions. And the warning but will disappear !

Does it happen inCutList 4.1 as well?

@DaveR is CutList realy better than OpenCutList to read dimensions … :stuck_out_tongue: ?

buenas tardes

quería reportar un error en el programa.

siempre que doy clic en partes para generar el despiece

el programa lee la longitud como la medida más larga y todas la veces no es así en ocasiones longitud es la medida más corta

y si bloqueo los ejes el programa cambia los ejes de mi componente dinámico

que se puede hacer en esos casos gracias


tengo una puerta que mide en longitud 400mm y en anchura 300mm

tengo una puerta que mide en longitud 300mm y en anchura 500mm

cuando se muestras la medida final sale 400mm como longitud

pero también me sale 500mm como longitud y esos 500mm son anchura

y no se pude voltear solo esa pieza sin alterar los ejes de mi componente

es decir que la longitud debería ser como yo diseñe mi mueble no necesaria mente la medida más larga