OpenCutList edge banding

Can someone help me according Open Cut List edge banding? I want my edge bandings be represented in different color on cutting diagram, I mean 2mm Abs be one color and 1mm a different color. In this panel I have 2 edges of 2mm and 2 of 1mm, on the cutting diagram the edges are blue can I make edges of 2mm be pink and those edges of 1mm be red?

i don’t see any preference or configuration options for setting the colors on hovering - you could put in a feature request to see if its an option to put this into a user configurable setting. my guess is it’s a style sheet (css) which handles the hovering colors.

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Hi @mihaidascalescu ,

It not planed.
But this data could be fully read from following part list or better, from Labels.

But yes without changing color.