Open in older version of Sketchup

For reasons I’ll not go into here, I’m still using version Pro 2020. Since I also have the subscription, I have Sketchup for iPad loaded on my iPad also.

I opened a model, created in 2020, on my iPad. I did not expect it to save and overwrite my original file. Now, I am unable to open the file in 2020 on my computer. I had hoped that there might be an option to back save from SU web, but that does not seem to be the case.

Is there a way to get this file to open again in 2020?

I recognize I can, and some may say, should, download the current SU version, but I prefer not to do that.


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Excellent, mihai.s!

Many thanks!

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So am I actually, mostly because of the machine I’m on and the OS version. I’ve had to do just what @mihai.s shows, which is an extra step, but it does work.

I’m using it quite well on a brand new MacBook Pro M1 Max computer. Works just fine

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