Open downloaded exercise files on Mac


After downloading the exercise file, the files donot open when I click twice to get the dropdown menu were you can select ‘open’. How can I open this on Apple Macbook?


Can you be more specific as to which exercise files you are referring to? There are multiple tracks on Campus that use them. Thanks.
Also, the files are compressed in .zip format. You should be able to ‘unzip’ natively but if not, try using this:


I downloaded from this page:,

and also from


Ok thanks. Please confirm if you have an unarchive application such as the one in the link I provided as you need that to uncompress the files.


Thank you, yes, I suppose that’s the cause. The link brings me to the App Store and app for iPhone /ipad. How to do this for a Macbook?


The App store works for your laptop or Desktop as well. Just make sure you’re logged in or create an account and click ‘get’ then ‘install’.


If you can’t get it working let me know and I’ll see if we can upload some ‘uncompressed’ exercise files…the trade off is you’ll have to download them one at a time.


Not necessary on macOS. macOS has had built-in unarchiving for as long as I can remember. Just double click any .zip archive and it will create a folder right there with the unpacked contents.


When I click “Download” on either of those, they immediately download, unpack into a folder, and the .zip file is automatically trashed. You shouldn’t have to do anything beyond just opening the individual .skp files at this point, nested in their respective folders.


To open the files, do so from within SketchUp Free (Web). Double clicking the .skp files won’t do anything, because you don’t have a SketchUp app. Your SketchUp is web-based, so you’ll have to do it from within a browser. Hope that helps.


Thanks @monospaced for catching that. I didn’t realize @bosvrouw was using SketchUp Free.
If you haven’t found the answer already, see screenshots below. First make sure you’re logged in and then find ‘Trimble Connect’ in the menu (Top Left). Then choose ‘Add model’ then ‘browse’ to open it from your hard drive. Keep in mind that there are some differences between the web version and the desktop version of SketchUp if you’re following along with the SketchUp Campus lessons.

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Thanks, I did download it but it does not help.
I can see that I need to do it within a browser since I do have the sketch free webversion as monospaced mentioned.


Thanks a lot!