Subsequent to working through the twelve lessons, Sketchup Fundamentals files are apparently empty

Subsequent to working through the twelve lessons, Sketchup Fundamentals files are apparently empty. Grayed out files: zippo, nada, zilch on trying to open them. Multiple downloads, same nil results.

So when you go to the site you see this, right?

When I click on the Download but I get a zip file. When I open it I see this:

What do you see?

I had unzipped the download and tried all of the 12 files. Each one is grayed out.

I suspect that’s something to do with the way Mac unzips zip files. Maybe @slbaumgartner would comment.

I unzipped the first download and worked through all 12 lessons. the same files would not open a second time. those file are deleted and trash has been emptied. Subsequent downloads produced nil files.

Weird. They should still be available to you.

Is there a way to direct this dilemma to Trimble?

I think you have. Someone, probably @colin, will see this thread. Not sure if it’s a SketchUp thing or a Mac thing. The zip file clearly does contain the .skp files and they can be opened.

I’ll have to look at those specific files, but I am not aware of any reason on macOS why files from a zip archive would behave any differently than ones that were never in a zip. I have worked with unzipped files many times and never seen anything like this happen.

Edit: I don’t mean to be insulting, but I suspect pilot error.

Edit2: I was not able to reproduce this issue on my Mac. I downloaded the zip, double-clicked on it to unzip it, and tried loading and editing several of the files. All with no issues. I don’t have time now to try actually doing the course, but I know it doesn’t involve anything but editing the skp files so I can’t believe there is an issue with the course itself. I have to think there is something the OP did but didn’t mention that caused the problem.

@Sambones can you share a screenshot of Finder open to the folder that shows the problem - preferably in View As List so we can see the details of what is there?


Ok, there is an issue that I have seen, I think in Ventura and in Sonoma, where files in the File Open dialog show as being grayed out. But, they do work. Select one of the grayed out files and click Open. If it’s the problem I’ve seen, the file will open.

Bingo. You nailed it: pilot error. I had the guide on the desktop and was trying to load an SKP file on the iPad. feeling foolish about that, but I think I was confused by the titles. Thank you, slbaumgartner.
Corelative thought: I had tried to open the same files on the desktop to no avail. Perhaps I wasn’t signed in to Sketchup at the time. I will test this.