Exercises in guided course won't load

I am a beginner working through the courses. the guided exercises will not load onto my machine. when I try to open the sketchup. fundamentals zip the error message says “this does not appear to be a sketchup model.” I have the paid version of sketchup pro 2020 installed.

Sounds like you need to open the .zip file and extract the .skp files out to open in SketchUp. It’s the same as if you received a word document or a video in a zip file. You would need to extract the contents of the zip file before you can open them.

DaveR. You know. I just figured that out. I was stressed an not clicking the correct thing. Thank you!!! I’m going to delete this.

Well, I can’t delete it without an administrator, so perhaps it’ll help someone else. Thank you

You can’t delete the thread after there have been posts. We can just ignore it and it’ll drop down the list.