How do I make the practice exersize files readable on my computer?

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I have been able to Download the practice Exercise files but they do not show a file type and I can not open them because it says my computer does not support that file.What do I need to do in order to utilize the practice files? I have the same problem weather I am on Sketchup site or using training on Linked-in training, I am brand new to this I got the Sketchup Go so there is no program to download. any advice will be appreciated. thank you in advance.

Your forum profile indicates you are using SketchUp Go which is web based. In order to work with the exercise SketchUp files, open SketchUp Go and then choose Openfrom Device. Navigate to where you saved the .skp file, select it, and open it.
Screenshot - 12_11_2023 , 11_41_13 AM

If you already have a SketchUp file open, click on the hamburger menu button, top left, and then Open>My Device.
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