Can't access the exercise files in Fundamentals course after buying a subscription Sketch up GO

I have extracted the folder on to my computer several times to try and open it. To note, it worked fine for the trial but since buying a subscription it keeps asking me to login etc (see pics) it just does this in a loop, then says I am logged in and I go back to try and open the file and get the same message asking me to login again… can anybody help?
sketch up image 1

on your screenshot, it is sketchup pro, not sketchup go. Sketchup go is a web based app. The trial you must have used was for sketchup pro which is a different & more expensive plan.

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Ah ok that makes sense. I can access the fundamentals course in campus no problem but when I try and open the exercise files in loops back to this, any reason that might happen? Assuming that the fact I can access the campus & courses must mean I can have the exercise files?

If you purchased a SketchUp Go subscription then open SketchUp Go in your web browser and use it to open the exercise files. A SketchUp Go subscription does not provide access to SketchUp Pro.

BTW, please fix your profile with the SketchUp version, operating system, and graphics card information. As it is your profile makes no sense.

Hi, I login with my subscription access the learn center, which lets me pick up where I left off in the trial (all logged in) yet when I download the exercise files on to my computer and try to open one it trips back to the sketch up pro login as before, can you access the learn center exercise files with a GO subscription? No probs I can look at my profile :grinning:

In order to open the exercise files in SketchUp Go you need to first open SketchUp Go in your browser. Then choose Open>From Device and select the exercise file.

Great, thanks for your help, I’ve now opened the files.

Great. Now fix your forum profile.

Yes I have done that (correctly, I think)

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