I can not open exercise files for the Fundamental course

I have SketchUp installed on my PC. Currently I am doing SketchUp fundamentals course. I downlouded the zipped file which contains all the exercise files for the entire Fundamentals course, but I can not open any file. There is a error: File is read only.

Maybe anyone knows why I am having this error?

Are you trying to open them directly from the ZIP file? If so, they will be Read Only because SketchUp can’t save changes back to the file. Extract the contents into a folder on your computer and open from there.

FWIW you can open a Read Only file.

Please correct your forum profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2023 Make. There is no such version. That information helps us help you if you provide the correct information. If you provide false information it makes it hard to help you.