How to access Campus exercise (example) files without initiating Pro 30 day free trial

Down loaded and unzipped exercise files for SketchUp Fundamentals (Desktop) training. When I try to access example file I’m asked to initiate SketchUp Pro 30 day free trial. Is there a way to complete training courses using example file without initiating 30 day free trial period?

Theoretically, it is possible to do the course without actually installing the app, but since you have signed up for the course, you probably already have a trial plan in your account.
Go to and check the products you have.
Under ‘view include apps’ , there should be an installer.
The trial lasts 30 days, which should give you enough time to evaluate wether its worth for your business.


Shown below are the apps in my account. SketchUp Pro is not there. Can the exercises (example) files that are referenced in the course material be opened without initiating the 30 day trial of Pro?


Mike Knussman

Why does your forum profile say you have a Subscription and are using SketchUp 2021?

Purchased Pro Dec 2021. Do to personal reasons, unable to use and subscription expired Dec 2022. Now trying to go through course material and exercises prior to purchasing.

To clarify, unless Campus content say specifically ‘For Web’, the content is created for SketchUp Pro Desktop. You could apply the principles in the lessons to the free Web app but as you likely already know, the user interface is different between the two.