Recovering a file from a 30 day account

I don’t know how I did it, I think in the fluster of school starting, but I set up two SketchUp accounts, one 30 day and the other I paid for SketchUp Pro. I had work in the thirty-day account that has now expired. Advice on how to recover that work and/or who to contact to do so?

Downloaded files are not connected to any account. There just SketchUp file with .skp extension.
Files that are stored in the cloud are connected to an account.

Sign in with your trial account here:

And download them, or share them with the other account.

Have you used the desktop application?

I tried to open the file and I just get a page that says my free trial is over…

I think that you did the 30 day trial with your edu email address, then when you got the EDU version of Studio you used your gmail address.

So, make sure you are signed in with your gmail address, then you should not see a trial expired message.