Open components in sketchup Make 2016

My students are running Sketchup 16 because their graphics cards don’t support 17. They can’t use the 3D warehouse because most of the components were made with a newer version. This just started this week. To circumvent this, I saved some components for them to access from our server as Sketchup 2016 files but when the students click on File - import, and change search to (*skp), nothing shows up. Please help me to fix this or we are dead in the water.

The 3D Warehouse supports the latest three versions of SketchUp so SU2016 is no longer supported. The students (or you) can go to the 3D Warehouse in their browser and download the Collada file which can then be imported into SketchUp 2016 via File>Import.

Your downloading the files and saving them to your server is a nice idea but unless you are opening them in a newer version of SketchUp and then saving them as 2016 or earlier files, they still won’t be able to open them.

I think that’s what I did. I downloaded a component, right clicked and save as,
name and save as SketchUp Version 2016 (*.skp). When the students import the image, they can’t see the file. What am I doing wrong?

It’s hard to say. Can you upload one or two of the components you saved so we can look at the files your students are trying to use?

The 2016 file I have saved is not showing up when I try to upload it here either. Here is a 2017 file that I have but the students can’t use this because of the difference in court 1.skp (603.6 KB)

test file.skp (556.9 KB)

Is it possible you just didn’t save it as a 2016 file?

Edit: Nope. It shows as a 2016 file.

Are they importing the basketball court or using Open? If they are importing it, it might just be out of view. Zoom Extents might reveal it.

Try this one. it’s 2016

No they are clicking file import. Now I can see it to import but after the import the component doesn’t show up in the sketchup file.

My mistake. Once I zoomed out all works. Thanks for your help.

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That component isn’t made very well and is designed to insert at a distance from the origin. Before you have the students use it, I would suggest moving it to the origin and saving it again.

Thanks so much

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