Is there any hope for a lowly SketchUp 2016 User?

I discovered that Sketchup Warehouse no longer is accessable from Sketchup 2016. I am not a Professional/Commercial user. I use the program to create models of woodworking projects I build for my home. I have read that the Sketchup Warehouse only supports the latest 3 versions of Sketchup. I’d love to upgrade but my laptop will not run any version above 2016.

I’ve tried to use the online version but it seems lacking when compared to the 2016 Sketchup Make version I’ve been using. I haven’t found a way to save the online models I’ve made to my laptop. Can’t the Warehouse continue to support us older PC users that don’t have the hardware for openGL 3.0? There have to be many models created by the older versions.

Have you tried accessing the 3D Warehouse through the Components panel? Alternatively you go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser and download the Collada version of the file and import the accompanying .dae file into SketchUp.

What sort of components are you interested in that you get from the 3D Warehouse?

Click on the folder icon near the top left and then Download.

The support issue comes down to browser security changes made by Windows and Mac.

DaveR, Thanks so much. I can access models through the components panel. I haven’t done much with components so I didn’t realize I could access it that way.


It’s a good idea to get familiar with the Components panel. That’s where you can access your own local components as well as those in the model, too.