Only vertical section planes invisible in layout

I can’t figure out the next puzzle. I hope you can help me.
I have horizontal and vertical section planes in my model. If I export the model to layout the lines of the horizontal section planes and their icons are visible, but only if I view the model from the side. If I look from the top all lines and icons (except for the grey areas of the horizontal section planes) disappear. I have saved the scene and the style in sketchup, the way I would like to see it in layout. I have reloaded and relinked the model. Also tried hiding the horizontal planes, nothing seems to help. If I orbit the model in layout the horizontal section planes and the icons reappear the vertical ones are still invisible.
Anyone any idea what to do?
Thank you,

That is still a problem in the latest versions of SketchUp. One of the developers has a potential solution, so hopefully it will get fixed some day.

For now, if you put the objects and the section planes into a group, they should remain visible in SketchUp and LayOut.

Hi Colin,
Thank you, this works!
Another conundrum popped up. I’ll make a new topic.
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