Only KMZ file shows up?


That’s all I see, no DLs for any Sketchup version. It only happened with this model. Does anyone know what happened?


Yes, it is strange. @Barry might know what happened.

BTW, you can download the file and import it as .kmz
(Somehow, the downloaded file had this name: ks I had to add the extension .kmz to import it:


Oops - fixing image to show entire page:


So let’s figure out why: looks like you’re on PC, what browser, does it work in SketchUp, does it work in Window-Components search, does it work in a different browser, etc…?


Ah, I think I’ve got it figured out. I’m swamped right now, I’ll explain later today or tomorrow. All’s good.


I am on a Windows 10, browser Chrome, refreshing did the trick.

but this morning the refresh did not work and the only file that could be downloaded was this: (22 Bytes)



I’m using Firefox on the PC


Firefox 61 on my PC works fine. Empty cache?