3D Warehouse starting to mess with some uploaded models



New to this forum.

This topic has to do with 3D Warehouse. It’s a technical problem.

I have noticed that models that were uploaded to Sketchup, mainly old ones that were made somewhere from 2009-2011 started to look seriously messed up! I don’t know if this is the sites fault, but before I’ve noticed this issue, the models I saw from this user for example: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user.html?id=0152269127601381790113492 was fine, until I checked today and noticed some of his models looked messy! Models unsoften and wrong colors! Is this a bug? Is it possible for the people running this site to fix this?

Here’s an example of this user’s Rolls Royce model that I have saved up in my computer as when I dl’d it sometime ago.

This is the same model currently up on the 3D warehouse. Keep in mind that this user hasn’t touch his account since around 2014-2015. This model was updated sometime in 2014, and I’ve noticed it got messed up for some reason.

Basic self paced tutorials broken?

Yes. Bugs filed. We had a big re-render of all models going on, and on some older models (SketchUp 5, 6, 7) it would use a .kmz to render instead of the .skp file. This resulted in some ugly stuff. We’ve stopped the re-render, and we’re going to restore the models. So hang tight. I’ll let you know when we get things fixed.


Please do it as soon as possible!


This is easily fixed. Anyone can still download the model and click Edit > Select All. Then click Window > Soften Edges. Make sure to tick the “Soften coplanar” checkbox. This procedure should correct the problem.


@Barry is this related to what has happened to the Self Paced Tutorials and DC Function Examples?


Yes, this could affect DC’s and Scenes. We’re working on the fix in the next 48-72 hours.


Even so, you still have to deal with the mis-colorization of the model.


After reading your initial post, I dl’d the file to satisfy my own curiosity and performed a quick edit including sampling the color from the hood and effected those modifications I suggested in my prior post. Completing my edit session took me about 60 seconds. Here is the result: RollsRoyceGhost.skp (2.4 MB)


Well? I still don’t see any changes. I hope the re-render issue doesn’t permanently screw up the older models.

God I just can’t stand looking at all these ugly screwed up models!


Here is a screenshot of the model. Doesn’t appear either ugly or screwed up to me. Maybe you need to check your graphics drivers.


No, I mean in the 3D Warehouse site.


Well, it’s not 72 hours yet, is it?


I don’t know, but sheesh I just can’t stand looking at these ugly screw ups anymore!




Here’s the Friday afternoon update: we have the files, and will restore them, and the solution we’ve selected on a small scale worked. Now we’re just deciding when to pull the trigger to fire this off, because we want to be 100% sure it works exactly as expected. I’ll post here when we’ve walked through the affected models so you can check them.


That’s easier said than done when there’s about OVER 9000 models dating from 2009-2011!


Still seeing bad 3D models.



Was this caused by the re-render issue? This model is completely ruined!


I think ruined is somewhat excessive a term to be used in connection with this issue. These models only requiire a modicum of attention to be perfectly usable. Just soften them based on the information l provided in a previous post.

Here is one of the models shown earlier after having been softened:
Pontiac GTO 1965-11soft.skp (2.8 MB)
Admittedly, some of them require more attention than others, such as the model of the Toyota truck.


You don’t have to do anything but sit tight: we are fixing all affected models, and ruined is not accurate, unless you claim it’s a miracle when they’re fixed and send your life savings to us out of gratitude.


Yes, it appears that model was a part of this. I’ll post when the restoring of these models has started.