I can't upload sketch up file to warehouse

I have been trying to upload my skp file to the hundred time, but it still kept showing this image.

I not sure why this is happening, I managed to upload files just fine previously.

Do other models upload ok? Can we try the model that is failing?

Tagging @TheGuz in case he knows of an existing issue.

Sure thanks.
Circle - Sage Haze (1).skp (554.2 KB)
I tried reuploading the older models and there was no issue.
Hope to resolve this soon.


Thanks. I got this very late, I will try it in the morning.

Hi Colin,

Just checking up,
May I know what’s causing the file to not upload?

It also doesn’t upload for me, but something else to notice is that it crashes SketchUp when you try to open the file. I’m trying to get a developer to look at what is causing the crashing.