Rendering Error during 3d warehouse upload

Hey there,
usually I upload the skp files to 3d warehouse to publish them for my clients. Then I embed the projects in my homepage and the customer can get a perfect view what I have done. Even one can see my work progess and give me some advice here and there. Really cool thing.
Since yesterday the upload of the model to 3d warehouse is not working completely. It seems that the upload is done completely but the model rendering is not, so a view on the model is not possible. I tried it with a model with no materials, I tried it with a really simple model which only conains a grouped box, I tried in sketchup 2020. 3d warehous says something like this: Rendering Error. Pleas repeate your upload later…I tried it a several times but sadly no success.
Perhaps someone has the same error, perhaps someone could help me to get my models on to 3d warehouse
Thank you very much

Already numerous threads on this topic. There is a problem at the moment. The 3D Warehouse team is aware of it and they are working on it.

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OK thank you very much, hoping 4 beeing fixed soon.

Thank you 4 fixing the issue. It seems to work fine now :-))

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I didn’t fix it but you’re right. It’s working now.

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