3d warehouse stopped displaying file sizes

What happened to the file sizes? It always appears as zero now in every model I preview. Please refer to image:

Do you still see this?

Huh…it just worked ok for me. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch while they worked on something in the backend?

Yeah, still no file sizes.

I would rather not try something, like say, a reinstall, because then I would have to reinstall the extensions also. What a drag.

Thank you Tig for having my back on the spelling too.

Your profile information is inconsistent: You say you are using the free Web version, which doesn’t support extensions. On the other hand there is no 2018 desktop version of the free Make application.

I am just trying to figure out which browser you are using to browse the Component Warehouse. The difference possibly stems from that.

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Like @Anssi said, it might be browser related.
Sometimes a refresh page is enough, other times more drastic clearing caches will do and if you are using the desktop version, removing the webcache folder will do.

I changed that in my profile just now, I am indeed using the pro version.

By removing the the web cache folder do you mean the folder itself or clearing the contents? Also, where is the webcache folder?

Thanks to everyone that has replied

Location is:

C:\Users*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\WebCache

Note:it is a hidden folder.

In general, when asked to delete a folder, one (sh)©ould copy the original, so you could reverse if it doesn’t solve it or makes it worst.
SketchUp generates a new folder upon start.

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In this case it is enough to rename the WebCache folder to trigger the creation of a new one.

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One could call it ‘original-WebCache’ since you do not really make a copy, you may not call it ‘Webcache-copy’ :smiley:

MikeWayzovski your solution has restored the file size read-outs in 3d warehouse. Thank you very much, I need to be aware of the file sizes because I experience lag when a model becomes dense. What do you suggest I do with the copy of the web-cache folder I made?

Mighty skillful sir.

You may delete it, now…
Or send it to Google for further personal analysis😃