3D WebGL Viewer Model Incomplete


When sharing my model to the Warehouse, parts of it are missing:

You can see in the preview how it should look, but when you enter 3D many parts are missing.

Tried KMZ, similar results:


Moved this to 3DWarehouse


Oops - I downloaded the 2nd one. Looking at first one now…

“Try downloading your own model, open in SketchUp 2015 and see what you get.”


Thanks, Barry. Done. Looks to be perfect, no errors, nothing missing.

So all the model is there in the Warehouse, but WebGL doesn’t like 3D rendering it.




Yea, it’s clearly something in our export path, as we got the same thing enabling the WebGL version or the KMZ. We’re digging in to it, and will file a bug. No workaround yet.


Thanks, Barry :space_invader: