OneDrive reachability

Hi SketchUp,

Our students on our O365 domain have been having issues with OneDrive reachability when they come to save. (SketchUp for schools, web version)
“We’re having an issue reaching Microsoft OneDrive, please download a backup file, while you try that well be working on this issue”

It is intermittent, affects some students and not others, and some get to the point where they cannot save, or download their file. It’s platform agnostic, I’ve seen this on Windows and Mac, Safari, Edge and Chrome.

There is no issues in our tenant and no health issues registered with OneDrive. All other O365 services are working normally, including identity. Users can always log in and authenticate.

Do you see a pattern of failed save attempts logged? I wonder if there are some issues between O365 and SketchUp for schools, at least for some servers. This is in the Pacific/Oceanic region.



My class is having the same issue and they have lost weeks worth of work. I am in the same region.

Thank you for reaching out Matt.
We believe that these issues are related to a bug that we’ve just released a fix for. To see the update please have your students reload the app and try saving their projects again. As a side effect of the fix they will notice that their projects have been erased from the Recent Files list in their Home Tab. No need to panic, all of their saved projects will still be located in OneDrive and they will be able to open them from there!

Thanks Tori,

Will report back late Monday (New Zealand NZDT) after a few classes.
It’s been much better using the web version vs the legacy app. We never managed to fix our select tool lag in prior versions.


I’m glad to hear that!
I’m sorry that you and @dbrown1 have been experiencing issues, but we appreciate your feedback. We’ll be keeping an eye out, and please let us know if the problem persists.

Hi Tori,

I had a look at a few classes on Tuesday and there were still a few issues. One student said they had lost their work (nothing in recent, but also only old files in their OneDrive - so I suspect some students couldn’t save at all) Most could download, but a few could not and those had lost their work.

I will check in again tomorrow (Thursday) and see how it looks. Most students are possibly onto other tasks but will see how they are getting on.


Thank you for the update Matt, and I’m sorry that your students were negatively affected by the bug. Please let us know if the issue continues.