Saving to OneDrive


I am an IT specialist helping a teacher. He is telling me that students are having trouble saving projects to their OneDrive and they get a rainbow panda bear error. We have checked on our end and are seeing no issues. We are able to bring up a test project after saving it and work on it again. Students have Wi-Fi connected, battery life over 50%. It appears from the image that the folders in the OneDrive aren’t showing up. Teacher states “happens from time to time.”

Maybe @CaseyG knows?

Thanks for using the @ command to bring this to my attention MikeWayzovski. I am not actually familiar with this particular error. I’ll bring it up with Tori later today in our meeting and see if she has any ideas. Hopefully we can get this resolved quickly.

Sounds good, thank you.

Can you please post a screenshot with DevTools (F12) tools open? Interested to see the console or network errors if any. I can not reproduce the issue.

Has anything changed with your Microsoft configurations/setup lately?

You can message me the screen-shots directly if you prefer that.

Yes, it might be a couple days before he responds but nothing has changed with our Microsoft config/setup recently.

May I ask why you are just repeating post from others instead of contributing anything to the subject?
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