Accessing Onedrive

Afternoon all.

I am an IT Technician in a School in the UK.
They have started to use - the browser based version, and as you will gather, the Education side.

The Teacher who is using this, likes this and uses it great - started to implement it to his class, but fell at the first hurdle - pupils cannot find the folder in which to save their Sketchups.

We are not a google school, we have an O365 tenancy - this is great as you have now brought in this facility to log on with O365/Microsoft accounts.

Anyway, I have managed to replicate this issue.

Logged onto a domain/networked PC as pupil 1.
Logged into edu sketchup as pupil 1.
Created a model and pressed the Save button - success - pupil 1’s Onedrive shows - can save etc fine.
Log out the pc as pupil 1.
Pupil 2 now logs into that pc.
Pupil 2 now logs into edu sketchup
Pupil 2 creates a model and goes to save:
The Save To: Select drive webpage opens up - but is empty - no option to add a drive, select a local folder/network folder etc - so they are stuck.
Log out as pupil 2.
Log back in as pupil 1 and repeat the above steps - all working as intended.

I have tried Google Chrome - Microsoft Edge and the same issue persists.
I have also tried deleting cached web data etc.

I have tried doing an online search for this issue, but a lot of it refers to installed versions etc, so I am opening this up in the hopes that someone can shed some sort of light on it for me.

I managed to export the model that Pupil 2 made - as a PNG - but I don’t think you can re-import this and then edit it as if it was the raw sketchup file - or have i missed something somewhere?

I would be really appreciative if someone could get back to me, confirming that the 1st user wins all or if there is something else I can do, just to force OneDrive to at least display 100% of the time, so that they can continue to work on project etc.


Thanks for letting us now about this. It does sound like it may a bug on our end. If you refresh the page after logging out as Pupil 1, are they able to view their drives?

In the mean time, students can download their 3D work as a .skp file from the file menu (if they export a PNG, the 3D geometry is lost):

I will get the class teacher to try to refresh (but I think with me trying a different browser when testing may negate that).

But yeah thanks for the download as .skp file, that will be the best solution for now.


I think I may have misread your message. To clarify, pupil 1 closed the entire browser when logging out? In that case, refreshing won’t help. Double-check that Pupil 2 has onedrive enabled and a drive created since we don’t have the ability to create one from the app yet.

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