Error reaching Microsoft OneDrive

Hello Sketchup!

I would like to ask for help to solve a problem that has become recurring with my software, which is the error when locating Microsoft OneDrive to save projects in old or new projects, leaving me with the only escape being to download directly to the computer.

The error that appears on the screen has been the same error on other occasions when trying to save projects outside of an internet network, or a very heavy project that has been handled for a long time, but the problem was easily resolved when closing the app and opening it again.

I am an Interior Design student in Brazil and I use the software extensively, especially this year, which is my year of graduation and I am doing a course completion project that I cannot lose in any way and I also need to make changes and development in it. .

This time the problem can’t be solved just by closing the app and opening it again and I’m getting a little desperate.

I would like to ask for your attention, I saw on the forum two other times that a similar error occurred but these are isolated cases and not all students and teachers suffer from this bug.

Please, I need to resolve this before my break ends.
If you need more information, I am available to talk and if it is better to talk by email:

Before the doubt arises, OneDrive works perfectly for other apps, only Sketchup appears to me with this problem.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank anyone who can help me.

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It is best practice to save to a local drive first and then upload to One Drive. When opening a file, download it to the local drive then open it. Your method introduces the possibility of file corruption.

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Avoid working directly on files stored in the cloud.

I maintain a local directory on my SSD for all current projects, organized into subfolders. This directory serves as the primary location for loading and saving my work. Nightly, I synchronize this directory with another folder on a separate local drive, utilizing the official Microsoft SyncFolder app, which is straightforward to configure.

This secondary directory is then synchronized in real time with OneDrive.

I hope this is helpful.

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Can you please record your steps to get to the error? Or just write down the steps to get there.
How did you open the app?

Can you please start from and see if you have the same problem?

Sorry for the delay in responding. There are no steps to get to the error, I just can’t save the projects through OneDrive, it doesn’t matter if I try to save without entering the project or entering and staying for hours. I ended up just accepting it and when I get back to doing my course completion project I’ll find a way even if it means downloading the project every 15 minutes. I thank you for your attention and would like to reassure you and let you know that my institution has reduced the students’ space on Microsoft ONEDRIVE, even so I have not yet reached the limit of the memory space, which makes me a little frustrated because I am unable to save the projects. But perhaps the problem is with my institution itself. Thank you for your attention and for trying to help me resolve this and sorry for the delay.

And just to add, It doesn’t matter if it’s through the app or the browser, the problem continues, so I’ll understand this all as a problem with the institution. Thanks again :wink:

Ok, please reach out to your institution IT support and see if they can help you.