One Drive timeout when saving from Sketchup App

Good morning hive mind.

I am having issues with my groups when using the web based version of Sketchup for schools. They can log in fine and save their files to the OneDrive, but towards the end of the lesson students will loose their connection to the drive. I have tried getting the students to reconnect to office 365 and their OneDrive’s on a new tab to create a new connection but this doesn’t work.

The only work around at the moment is to download a copy of the file to the PC, shut Sketchup down and restart it, then reload the model from the saved area and carry on working.

I don’t know if the issue lies with Sketchup or a timeout duration imposed on their OneDrive accounts, any advice would be gratefully received, there is nothing more frustrating than loosing an hours worth of work at the end of the lesson!

Not sure about SketchUp for schools, but as a general rule its always best practice to work from a local (downloaded) copy of your SketchUp file and to initially save it locally as well. After saving locally, you can upload it to your OneDrive for storage and sharing.

How large are the files that students are trying to save? Does the same thing happen if they save a file with nothing more than the scale figure in it?

@kevin58 SketchUp for Schools, like the other web-based versions natively saves to the cloud. It’s a little different than the desktop versions.

We’re having this issue as well. Would love to have solution other than downloading a copy. This happens regardless of the size of the file - I had it happen when I had just drawn a rectangle and nothing else.

Hey what do you know, another saving issue with onedrive with no replies from sketchup… why not just make the saving process easier/more robust? Why are we restricting save options at all in a modeling program? If the option is there to export to the device, then saving to the device natively should be possible.

Any saving to a non-local drive should be avoided This has led to many corrupt files. Open and save only to the root drive. When finished with the file, save it to another cloud source. There are many moving parts to the saving process to the cloud automatically.

Agreed, yet “Sketchup for schools” tries to force cloud saves to either google drive or microsoft one drive. Exports to the local machine are still possible, but you would be surprised(or not) how confusing “Save” vs “Export” can be for most users. Especially if the “Export” function doesn’t even allow you to choose what filename you want to export the file as.