One sided hollow walls

I’m getting a one sided wall when using the Push Pull Tool. I draw a rectangle, then I engage the PPTool drag the cursor a short distance then type in the dimension, the rectangle moves but when I look at the opposite side of the wall there is no side there. All that happened is the rectangle moved from one side to the next, added thick edges but no second wall face. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. Any answers out thewre??

It would be a whole lot easier to give you help if we could see your model file.

Is the face you are pushing divided so you are getting something like this?

If so, that’s normal. Either remove the division or hit Ctrl before starting to push so a face is generated over the hole. Make sure you fix any reversed faces if they occur.

Thank you for the tip I will give it a try. I would send you a screenshot but my computer doesn’t have that feature on it

Do you have Prtscn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard ?

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